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March 29 2017

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We don’t get homesick, we get campsick.

#getoutdoors #upknorth
Ideal off-road, rooftop setup. Stunning shot by @tifforelie (at Shiprock, New Mexico)

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March 26 2017

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March 25 2017

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Dante and Virgile in Hell, detail (1850)  William-Adolphe Bouguereau
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L'amour fou, dir. Jacques Rivette (1969)

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March 23 2017

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A visual metaphor for falling in love.

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March 16 2017

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Malcolm Liepke
Night Shadows
oil on canvas 41 x 66 cm

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March 14 2017

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Dante and Beatrice (detail) Salvatore Postiglione, 1906

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